Sentinel Photonics offer state-of-the-art laser protection systems to protect users and equipment from laser threats in defence and security.


FROST is a series of protective filters designed to be attached to the objective lenses of optics.

FROST provides laser protection with counter surveillance capability, preventing the target optic from being detectable via retroreflection.

FROST Exploded


FROST offers three levels of protection:


Level 1 provides near infrared (NIR) protection, blocking common retroreflection system wavelengths


Level 2 extends protection beyond the NIR in order to also protect against longer wavelength threats


Level 3 further provides direct laser exposure protection against additional threats

Any battlespace user of magnified optics is susceptible to being located and engaged via laser systems. FROST can be retrofitted to any sight using standard mounting threads, and combined with other optic accessories such as flashkill honeycombs, lens caps and other filters.


FROST specifications are based on real world, measured, laser threat data. FROST performance has been verified against a range of battlespace laser threat systems.

Through its LASERD® laser detectors, Sentinel Photonics can provide a comprehensive laser protection capability, updating the specification and performance of protective filters in response to battlespace trends and intelligence.

FROST specifications were developed within UK MOD by experts with firsthand experience of battlespace laser threats.

FROST provides a high level of laser eye protection to optic users.

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Defence – counter surveillance, force protection
Security – specialist counter surveillance


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