Breaking Ground: Sentinel Photonics Teams Up with Workforce Battalion!

20 November 2023

Hold onto your hats! Sentinel Photonics is joining forces with Workforce Battalion to make a significant impact on the lives of veterans.

This partnership symbolises our dedication to building a workforce that values diversity and honours the service of our veterans. We’re not just hiring; we’re building careers for those who’ve served our nation. Get ready for a wave of positive change as we integrate the strength and resilience of veterans into the fabric of Sentinel Photonics.


We continue to work with Core Talent Recruitment and believe by joining forces with Workforce Battalion they can both offer a seamless recruitment process that’s tailor made for success.  Their commitment and guarantee to a holistic approach ensures it meets both employer and candidate needs.


We have a number of vacancies to join the exciting world of Sentinel Photonics, so please get in touch direct with our agencies to find out more and we look forward to creating even more success stories.

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