Imaging-based Laser Warning and Event Recorder (iLWER)

Imaging-based Laser Warning and Event Recorder (iLWER)

Imaging-based Laser Warning and Event Recorder (iLWER)

The iLWER is a novel camera-based method of detecting both pulsed and continuous wave (CW) lasers on the modern battlefield.

A wide range of laser systems exist on the battlefield, from CW laser pointers used to dazzle aircraft to laser guided munitions that accurately eliminate targets at range. The detection of these laser sources provides critical situational awareness for users, allowing for real-time and dynamic responses, as well as providing an intelligence base to build future countermeasures.

The iLWER’s novel approach outcompetes existing laser detectors by providing confident detection of a broad range of laser sources, with a high bearing accuracy and with multiple sources simultaneously.

  • High confidence detection: The imaging-based approach applies spatial, spectral and temporal measurements to provide high-fidelity detections of lasers, reducing the false alarm rate far below that of other laser detectors.
  • Unique detection capabilities: The iLWER has the unique capability of detecting both CW and pulsed laser sources over wide dynamic ranges, ensuring that all incident lasers are detected.
  • Detect and identify threats: Using bespoke image processing algorithms, the iLWER is not only able to identify the presence of lasers, but it can also provide information to aid identification. When an unknown laser is detected, laser characteristics are collected, which can contribute to threat libraries.
  • Minimal size, weight and power (SWaP): Exploiting advancements in camera technology has allowed the iLWER to have a minimal SWaP footprint, allowing for use by dismounted soldiers and light weight vehicles.
  • Accurate location of sources: Cameras inherently provide a high spatial resolution, thereby giving a bearing of threat sources. When combined with digital mapping of the terrain, a three-dimensional location can be identified, generating actionable intelligence for real-time decision making and providing the basis for future countermeasure systems.

The iLWER has successfully secured funding to develop an enhanced prototype by December 2021. Both the fundamentals and a prototype iLWER have been tested against real threats in relevant environments, and proven effective at detecting a wide range of known sources at significant ranges. Over the next 12 months, Sentinel Photonics plans to further de-risk and develop the technology to produce an enhanced prototype, before moving towards the development of a pre-production prototype.

The iLWER will target the dismounted soldier and light armoured vehicles market and can be easily applied to larger platforms in the land, sea and air domains.

For more information on iLWER, please contact us directly.

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