Sentinel Photonics is open to discussions with investors who wish to join us on our journey to build a revolutionary portfolio of laser detection and protection products to help prevent loss of life and improve battlefield and mission effectiveness of our end users.

Current Position

Investor ProfilesSyndicates, Venture Capitalists, Angels
Raised to Date£333k – Ploughshare Innovations & DASA

Defence Need

The threat posed from laser systems to military personnel is well-documented and will increase and diversify over time. Obtaining accurate information relating to real-life incidents is critical in order to develop mitigations against laser threats. Current laser detectors, both commercial and military, are very costly and unable to detect the full range of laser threats that are prevalent in the modern battlefield.

Unique Solution

Sentinel is developing a camera-based laser detector capable of detecting both pulsed and continuous wave lasers. As the technology relies upon signal processing images from a CMOS camera it is inherently flexible and low cost whilst also overcoming many of the shortcomings of traditional approaches. The company has the exclusive licence to develop and exploit the know-how and patent protected technologies that originated within Dstl, which underpin the operation of the detector.

Market Opportunity

Sentinel is confident of addressing a gap in the market that, to date, remains largely unfilled. The current established market for large laser detection systems is calculated to be worth $452m in 2019 with a growth rate of in excess of 5.8%. Demand in that market is largely supplied by 6 major companies who together supply over 70% of the current market requirement, typically with systems consisting of 3 or more sensor heads costing in excess of $200,000. The high associated costs results in a limitation for use of laser detectors only on high value platforms, reducing their battlespace coverage.

Whilst these systems are sophisticated, and integrate into other vehicle and battlefield systems, their cost and size prohibits their wider use, despite the potential benefits to all who may be subject to laser threats. Furthermore, these systems are poorly suited to detection of future weapon systems, such as directed energy weapons.

Sentinel Photonics’ proposition aims to deliver a low cost, robust, light weight and highly capable laser detection device designed to have a form factor appropriate for the individual dismounted soldier or light vehicle. This has the potential to lead to a paradigm shift in the market, allowing for much wider adoption of laser detectors, thereby extending the capability across the battlespace.


Sentinel has initiated the development of its product portfolio with a £100k pre-seed investment from Ploughshare Innovations and has already attracted the attention of wider parts of UK Government, resulting in two successful applications for development contract funding from the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). These two contracts, worth a total of £233k, will help Sentinel accelerate its product development programme and will see demonstrator products in the hands of its military end users by late 2021.

Sentinel is looking to secure further rounds of defence innovation funding to complete its product development roadmap but in parallel will also look to raise necessary private venture investment to build out its commercial and business development capability. Sentinel aims to complete this first external seed round investment by late summer 2021 and would welcome preliminary discussions with interested parties.

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