Sentinel Photonics

Detect and Protect

Sentinel Photonics provide cutting edge laser detection and protection systems to military and homeland security users.

Our products protect both users and equipment from laser threats to prevent loss of life and improve battlefield and mission effectiveness through improved situational awareness.

Laser Signal and Event Recording Device (LASERD)

LASERD is a novel detector capable of detecting both pulsed and continuous wave (CW) lasers on the modern battlefield, through a unique combination of patented camera and photodiode-based techniques.

Laser protection filters

Sentinel Photonics plans to provide protection against threat laser systems for users, more information will be made available at a future time.


LASERD is an innovative lightweight laser detector capable of covering the full range of laser threats that provides unprecedented capabilities to users at a fraction of the cost of traditional laser detectors. LASERD is currently in its Alpha Phase and will achieve a Beta prototype in 2023, for more information please get in touch at:

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